Community Guidelines

Welcome to Playing for Keeps! Where are goal is to promote emotional intelligence & mindfulness one connection at a time. Our goal is to allow users to express themselves freely if they’re not offending any other users. We do not tolerate hateful, hurtful, unsolicited, and harassing comments on Playing for Keeps. Even though we have a sexual compatibility game no unsolicited sexual messages, or sexual/ racy profile pics are allowed.
Below are a list of policies you must follow to stay in good standing with P4K. If you violate any of the policies below you maybe banned from P4K. Once you are banned you are not allowed back into our community. We encourage all users to (report) any behavior that violates any of the polices below and please read our safe dating page.


All messages need to be kind and respectful. Don’t be rude, intimidating, send unsolicited sexual content or photos. Any reporting of stalking, bulling, intimidation, threats, unsolicited photos or content will be taken seriously and may cause you to be banned.

Sexual Content:

No nudity, no sexually explicit content in bio, and no unsolicited sexual content in messages. If a member ask you to stop and you don’t and it’s reported that can be grounds to ban you from the site.

Violence & physical harm:

We do not tolerate violent, graphic, or gory content on P4K. Suggesting any mental or physical harm will not be tolerated and your profile maybe banned

Hate Speech:

You should be respectful with every connection. There is no place in this community for hate speeches/ rants, racism, bigotry towards a group or individual. Your profile should also be respectful with no hate speech/ sexual content
Private Information:
Don’t publicly share private information. This includes email addresses, phone numbers, financial information, passwords, SSN, etc
Be real don’t be fake. Don’t use P4K to drive people to other sites. Do not create multiple accounts. Once account per user.

Solicitation & Promotion:

Solicitation and Promotion is not allowed on P4K. If it’s reported that you are doing this your account could be banned.

Prostitution and Sex trafficking:

Promoting sexual services, human sex trafficking, or other nonconsensual sexual acts are not tolerated, and your profile will be banned from P4K.


Anyone attempting to get other users’ financial information will be banned. We have a Zero- Tolerance for scammers.


All users must be 18 years or older to use P4K. We also don’t allow photos with anyone who appears to be under 18 years of age alone. If you see a profile with a photo like this please report it.

Illegal Usage:

If it’s illegal anywhere else it’s illegal on P4k. If any user is caught doing illegal activity on P4k their account will be deleted.

  • Show real photos of yourself
  • Post recent photos
  • Full body pics normally get the most likes
  • No nude photos
  • No photos with lingerie or bikinis (unless you’re at the pool or beach)
  • No photos showcasing or suggesting anything violent
  • No copyrighted photos
  • No photos with celebrities
  • No photos with anyone that looks under 18 by themselves